Trout fishing on the Ausable River

1024px-Ausable_riverThe Ausable River, also known as AuSable River and originally written as “Au Sable”, runs in the U.S. state of New York, from the Adirondack Mountains and past the town of Lake Placid and Au Sable Forks to empty into Lake Champlain. It has a East and West branch that join at Ausable Forks NY. A few miles east of Keeseville, New York. The river forms a partial boundary between Clinton County and Essex County. The Ausable River is known for its spectacular gorge, Ausable Chasm, and its trout fishing known as one of the best eastern trout rivers in USA.

Brook trout of up to 14 inches occupy the wilderness portion of the river a few miles south of the village of Lake Placid. In addition, a few lunker speckled trout, refugees from the numerous tiny feeders, are caught each year in other sections of the river. The West Branch is loaded with browns and rainbows from the Olympic ski jumps towering over the south side of Lake Placid village all the way to Au Sable Forks. A combination of plentiful cover (boulder fields, blowdowns, undercut banks), cool water temperatures (maintained by cold mountain springs, shady banks, and sun-blocking cliffs), and a good food supply (abundant populations of aquatic and terrestrial insects, crayfish, and minnows) conspire to make the river ideal trout habitat. Fish between 12 and 16 inches are common and browns and rainbows tipping the scale at slightly more than 8 pounds are caught each year. SPECIAL REGULATIONS: From the mouth of Holcomb Pond outlet on Riverside Drive downstream to the marked boundary 2.2 miles downstream of Monument Falls on route 86, anglers must use artificial lures only. There is a “no kill” stretch that is open year-round.